Welcome to the Website of Christian Bau
Christian Bau ✅ 3 Star Chef ✅ Host in the gourmet restaurant Victor's Fine Dining ✅ Perfectionist ✅ Freethinker ✅
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Welcome to the Homepage
of Christian Bau

Welcome. Meet Christian Bau or discover more about the star chef, his philosophy, his dishes and his daily impulse.

A chef within his heart and soul, since 1998 Christian Bau is chef de cuisine and host in the gourmet restaurant “Victor’s Fine Dining by Christian Bau”, which has been awarded with its third star by Guide Michelin in 2005. Undoubtedly he belongs to the global elite of chefs. For twelve years he is confidently defending his three Michelin Stars and can record a number of awards and highest ratings in popular gourmet guides. In addition: Awarded with the third Michelin Star in the age of 34, Christian Bau was back then the youngest German chef, who has ever been awarded that distinction.


Always by his side: his wife and chef de service in the Victor’s Fine Dining, Yildiz Bau. They met during their apprenticeship in Achern and share the passion for relaxed hospitality at the highest level. While Christian Bau spoils his guests with his culinary creations, Yildiz Bau takes care of their personal wishes. “With our work, we want to make people happy”, is their slogan since years. Whether being the chef or the leader of the service team, both feel that their job is the best in the world. It is a philosophy they live by each day.


Christian Bau: A Chef, a Philosophy

As perfect and precise every dish by Christian Bau looks, as clear is his goal: it has to be delicious! The star chef takes you on a culinary journey: his culinary identity is described as French cuisine, strongly inspired by products from the Japanese cuisine. Light, contemporary, cosmopolitan, without overstraining the guest.

Christian Bau is a freethinker. He has found his style, has realized and developed it and is living it to this day. He experiments, is open-minded for new things – as long as they make sense. Culinary trends come and go, are sometimes cheap showmanship. Christian Bau loves authenticity. And trends do not impress him, he adheres to his passion for a perfect cuisine, best products and happy guests. This is what characterizes him.


While in Christian Bau’s kitchen, perfection and precision belong to his basic principles, the atmosphere in the restaurant is casual. Since his guests do not have to agonize over the appropriate tie or an extravagant evening dress. In “Victor’s Fine Dining by Christian Bau” you experience a relaxed atmosphere, which is easy, high-class, and without stiff etiquette. A restaurant visit is synonym with a cultural experience and an evening-long program to be enjoyed from beginning to end.

Before you move on to exploring his website, Christian Bau would like to share his motto: “Do things with passion or not at all”. The star chef does not do things half way. What he begins, whether it is in the restaurant, in the kitchen or at home, he does with heart and soul. He is a perfectionist and a product fetishist, always keeping in mind his one wish, to offer his guests only the best.


And now we wish you a delightful culinary journey with Christian Bau!